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Westridge Capital Properties


How to Generate Passive Income with $500!


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 What We Do 

Westridge Capital Properties is a professional real estate investment firm specializing in making it easier for everyone to build passive income through real estate. The unique advantage of the Westridge model is you don’t need a large amount of capital, time or specialized knowledge to build a long-term income from rental properties.


Our model opens real estate investing to everyone for as little as $500. Our staff, which includes a licensed real estate professional, will put your investment towards selecting targeted rental properties that match our internal criteria designed to maximize ROI. Once the property is purchased, it’s managed by professional property managers and investors receive back rental income.

SIngle-Family Rental Properties

Westridge Capital Properties will find, analyze, negotiate, and purchase single-family properties that meet our specific criteria to produce income for our investors. Once the purchase is completed, it will be managed by professional property managers. If the property is vacant, the managers will market and find a qualified renter for the property. The rental property will be rented at current market rates to be competitive.


Once the property is producing income, our investors will receive 70% of the profits with the managing entity getting 30%. The investor funds will be secured by income-producing real estate.

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Buy - Rehab - Sell Residential Properties

Distressed properties will be considered for rehabbing and reselling. Once these properties are identified and analyzed for profit potential, Westridge Properties will negotiate a purchase price well below market value. Since rehabbing properties is inherently riskier, only 25% of investor funds will be used for these projects, the remainder, as well as construction costs, will come from banks and private lenders.  


Our goal in rehab properties is to achieve at least a 10% return on the purchase price of the property. If we purchase a property at $200,000, our goal is to make at least $20,000 after it is resold.  70% of that profit will go to our investors paid out as dividends with the Managing Entity receiving the remaining 30%.

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Multi-Family Rental Properties

Similar to Single Family Rentals, Westridge Properties will find, analyze, negotiate and purchase multi-family properties that meet our specific criteria to produce income for our investors. The property will be managed by professional property managers to ensure the property is fully occupied and producing income. 70% of the profits from the property will go to our investors with 30% going to the managing entity.

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 Management Team 


William R. Johnson  

Corporate President and CEO, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Bill has extensive experience as a manager, executive at the VP level, senior director, and chief information officer in the Information Technology field.  While his management experience has been in IT, many of the same business principles apply across various disciplines to create efficient, effective, and consistent management systems. Bill is a graduate of the Real Estate Knowledge Institute located in Phoenix, Arizona.


In addition, Bill also previously owned and managed several apartment buildings, townhouses, and single-family residences.  He also hold 4 college degrees including a Ph.D. in finance. management and computer science.


Seth J. Johnson

Executive Vice President and General Manager.  Seth has broad experience as a real estate mortgage and insurance underwriter and has worked for one of the largest home mortgage companies in the United States.  He is also an accomplished project manager who oversees our rehab projects. Seth is a graduate of the Real Estate Knowledge Institute located in Phoenix, Arizona.


Seth is a licensed real estate agent in Minnesota and has access to numerous real estate resources and data not available to the general public.  Seth holds a B.A. degree in Counseling.

 Investor Q & A 

Why is investing in Westridge good idea, right now?

In this time of economic change, investors are seeking to use their money by investing in real property instead of stocks.  Real estate has proven time and time again to be the most consistent and profitable investment for long term passive income and wealth accumulation. 


Westridge Capital Properties will provide a steady income to investors by strategically purchasing quality rental properties and acquiring properties that are under market value, completing cosmetic rehab, and selling the properties within a short time frame for a profit.  The economic change will bring many opportunities for purchasing properties which will be a hard asset that will produce income through rents and appreciation.

How will Westridge make money? 

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Westridge Capital Properties will use investor funds to create reliable income from three sources:

  1. Positive cash flow from quality rental properties.

  2. Capital gains on properties sold that have significantly appreciated in value.

  3. Capital gains on rehabbed properties, sometimes called “fix and flip” property investment opportunities.

Where will Westridge be in 5 years? 

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Minneapolis MN 55402 USA

In five years, Westridge Capital Properties will own between 20 and 40 rental investment properties and will have rehabbed between 5 and 15 “fix and flip” investment properties.  Subject to market conditions, all these properties will provide positive returns for investors between 6% and 12% annually.

What's your biggest challenge? 

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Minneapolis MN 55402 USA

Our biggest obstacle is funding.  The capital investment in any real estate property is significant for most people.  Our plan is to raise sufficient investment capital to achieve the 5-year goals stated previously.

What do you understand that your competitors don't? 

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Minneapolis MN 55402 USA

Our competitors do not seem to realize those small investors who wish to make real estate investments are often unable to do so because of the large capital investment required.  Most small investors do not have sufficient liquid resources to achieve the goal of investing in real estate. We offer a method to overcome this limitation by pooling investor funds together to purchase investment properties that will provide a steady stream of passive income for everyone who participates.

What are the biggest risks?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Minneapolis MN 55402 USA

The biggest threat to success is a real estate crash such as happened in 2008.  Such a collapse or recession is outside of our control, but could impact the success or failure of the company. The second largest threat is if we are not able to achieve our eventual funding goals limiting the properties we can acquire.

What has to go right for Westridge to succeed? 

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Minneapolis MN 55402 USA

  1. Investor funding is sufficient to meet our 5 year goals.

  2. Real estate market conditions will remain relatively stable over the foreseeable future.

  3. Candidate properties will be available that meet our investment criteria which in turn create positive cash flow for all investors.

What does Westridge need the most help with? 

Working capital. We have the expertise, experience and knowledge to achieve successful results for our investors. Our company president has his Ph.D. in finance and management, and our vice-president has 10 years experience in real estate financing and is also an active real estate agent with one of the top brokerages in the country.  Working capital coupled with the management team’s expertise is an optimal formula to be successful.

What will Westridge do with the money you raise? 

Note: We will have additional crowdfunding asks. This initial seed round of funding we are seeking see money to get started.

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 Investment Details 

Minimum Investment: $500


Regulation CF Offering EDGAR: SEC Filing 

Reg CF Crowdfunding Listing: Silicon Prairie Portal

Westridge Capital Website: Click here

Contact Us by eMail:  William Johnson   Seth Johnson

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