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Building Lives Worth Living and Legacies Worth Leaving

Our Mission

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To be the leading Land Investing Group where our Investors become True Partners based on a strong foundation of faith, fanatical integrity, and exclusive, unique investment offerings.

Tessa Kennedy, CEO

Financial Success Grows Here


 What We Do 

Tenacity is a group of investors that find unusable land sites with undeveloped value in rapidly growing metro areas and redevelop and/or rezone the parcel to significantly increase its value. Upon project completion the land is sold with higher purpose value to a developer or real estate group for substantial profit.


Typical project scopes include, but are not limited to, flood plain land reclamation, dredging of watershed sections of land, engineering land and soil structure, and rezoning land to a higher purpose use state. 

The experienced team we have in place leverages your investment and puts it to “work” to fund projects. A typical project timeline is 18-24 months to complete a project, complete a sell transaction, return your original investment, and distribute profits to your account. This timeframe for return on your investment is unheard of; allowing you to re-invest profits and multiply your original investment.

We create a never seen opportunity for aspiring investors to put your money to work and create generational wealth! And…our investors always receive a 100% return of their original investment before any profits are shared.


Why Invest in Tenacity

Our projects are explained in detail to each investor, communication provided throughout the project term, and 100% of your original investment is returned to your account before any profits are shared. Tenacity and its partner network have a combined 100+ years of business, real estate development, land arbitrage, financial management, and project management experience over a vast array of  investment ventures.

Tenacity provides a secure way for aspiring investors to enter into Real Estate Investing with a lower financial threshold, reduced risk through diversification, and with no experience or knowledge needed.

Together with our established partner network we have a strong and robust five to seven (5-7) year integrated pipeline of development deals to close on. We have the government relationships established, land opportunities identified, project management team in place, contractors ready for the work, and a sophisticated list of buyers which put us in a strong position to put our investors’ money to work quickly and often; leveraging the velocity of money for our offerings.

Tenacity investors enter the partnership with preferred status and will always receive 100% return of their original investment before any profits are shared!


Why Invest Now

Historically, aspiring investors have been prohibited from access to large or complex real estate deals offered by advanced investment firms. Tenacity has opened access to this exclusive commercial real estate market, providing you the opportunity to grow and diversify your portfolio.


With the current stock market uncertainty; now is the perfect time to invest in commercial Real Estate and experience what the wealthy have been for decades.


Management Team


Tessa Kennedy, Founding Partner

Tessa is the founder and CEO of Tenacity Holdings. 


Tessa holds an MBA and has a long record of success through a varied background focused on business acumen, developing relationships, and finding mutually beneficial programs for both herself and her clients.  Delivering top notch value, timely implementation, and unsurpassed returns Tessa is a strong advocate for finding the right solution for the right situation.


Mark Ketchum, Founding Partner

Mark is a Partner in Tenacity Holdings with 20 years’ experience in project management, global operations, and global supply chain.


Mark has served in executive leadership roles within the medical device industry for most of this time. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of North Texas, is a certified six sigma black belt, professional speaker, and accredited by a wide range of quality and operations industry organizations.


 Investor Q&A

Why is Tenacity a good idea, right now?

  • Opportunity to invest in large real estate projects: Tenacity has opened access to the exclusive commercial real estate market, providing you the opportunity invest...timing is critical.

  • Liquidity: Typically, in less than two years, you will receive a 100% return of your original investment + profit back in your pocket to make your next investment decision.

  • Pipeline: We have a strong 5-7-year queue of projects; investing now allows your investment to return profits on all our future projects.

How will Our Investors make money?  What about Tenacity?

Where will Tenacity be in 5 years? 

What is Tenacity's biggest challenge?

What key advantages does Tenacity have over it's competitors?

Unusable land is present in all metro areas across the country. You see it everyday! Watershed land surrounded by commercial properties, agricultural land adjacent to thriving commercial zoned properties, random large sections of densely wooded areas in the middle of future expansion areas…and many more examples.

Tenacity will continue to make money for our investor group.  We will continue to drive our current 5-7 year current pipeline of projects while expanding to new opportunities to bring to the investor network.  In 5 years, it would be a great statement if all our original investors continue to fund deals with us while growing generational wealth.

Tenacity’s biggest challenge is insuring we have the right investors that want to take this journey with us.  We are looking for aspiring investors ready to multiply their investment(s) with us, create a true partnership, and believe in making a life worth living and a legacy worth leaving.

Tenacity with our partner network has a vast network of real estate experts, connections, contractors, and city planners that allow us access to project opportunities not offered to our competition.

Past project example: Land purchased $1M | Redevelopment $2M | Sale Price $15M

Investors make money by pooling their money to fund an overall project.  Their investment is combined with other investors to complete the land purchase and redevelopment.  Investors then receive a 100% return of their original investment before any profits are split.

We are exclusively focused on land re-development only and have the access, knowledge, and relationships needed to continue to thrive and drive in our area of expertise.

We take pride in each our projects and want each investor to feel like they are a true partner in the process and take pleasure in what we are doing as a collective group.

City planning committees and commercial property development companies are constantly looking to improve such properties and increase value of real estate within their communities. Tenacity and our partner network are focused on the process of zoning, engineering, redeveloping, and generally converting land to a higher purpose use for commercial property development companies and local/state government entities.

Our business focuses on sourcing lower purpose land at a fair market value; fully funding the redevelopment and rezoning efforts to effectively convert the land to a higher purpose use which enables a sell transaction to yield a profit for you and Tenacity.

For additional questions... feel free to send an email to Tessa Kennedy  or Mark Ketchum


 Investment Details

Minimum Investment: $10,000

Approved Crowdfunding Portal Page: Click here

Contact Us by eMail: Tessa Kennedy or Mark Ketchum

Business Address: 11950 75th Street NE, Otsego, Minnesota 55301

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