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From start to funded... we've got you covered!


Our highly focused coaching-based approach to crowdfunding marketing and campaign management will give you the best chance at meeting your funding goal while assuring legal compliance. Additionally, in conjunction with Silicon Prairie Portal and Exchange, we will soon offer a blockchain-based ledger to manage your new stakeholders. This technology, when combined with a mobile app, will bring a new level of transparency to communications, voting, and a new liquidity market has never seen before!

When you partner with Prime, we will not only help you craft your story and plan your funding strategy, we will craft your investor pitch and crowdfunding campaign while coaching you through the entire process from launch to marketing to closing!

Campaign Manager... Marketing Coach... Crowdfunding Advisor... Mentor
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Who We Are

Professional Crowdfund Campaign Marketing

We created a unique crowdfund coaching and marketing program that helps entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals raise the capital they need to achieve their dreams. We do this with leading-edge digital marketing and by working tirelessly to understand our client’s challenges. Our strategic approach to crowdfunding is designed from the ground up to fully prepare our clients to meet their funding goals as quickly as possible.

Initial Assessment and Game Plan

We start by conducting an in-depth review of your core idea, principles, and business. (don't worry if you have not incorporated yet, we can assist you in setting up your LLC or C corp) In this step, we aim to clarify then tell the story of your business or product, and look at why and how your big idea will turn into a profitable business.

This review will start with your product’s origin story and the driving motivation behind your business. We will then identify your product’s stage of development, key employees or partners, current corporate and capital structure, and any current financial reports. Next, we will produce a funding strategy and game plan, recommend a business plan template, create a preliminary investor pitch, and perform a social media review.

Additionally, we will walk you through the documentation required for your raise and explain which documents should be reviewed by your lawyer and/or accountant. This stage will take about 6-8 hours.

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Campaign Development and Compliance Preparation

In this stage, we will finalize critical items such as the Crowdfunding and Legal Documents, Marketing Plans and a One-Page Campaign Website created for you by Prime. These three items must be completed before moving on to Launch Preparation!

Crucial to this stage is the information gathered from the initial assessment and your current business plan. This information will help us generate a detailed campaign marketing plan (including tactics). This includes targeted email marketing, social media, a one-minute campaign video, and sphere of influence promotions.  

We will also guide you through the process of completing the required crowdfunding documents and provide regulatory filing assistance. These documents need to be completed and submitted at least 15 days prior to the campaign launch. This stage will take about 10-12 hours

Launch Preparation and Final Review

This stage is all about putting the finishing touches on your campaign and will be the last stage before you launch it. We will focus on fine-tuning all the digital marketing assets identified in the marketing strategy, finalizing your perk strategy (if applicable), and continuing to prepare engagement assets for your social media effort. At this stage, we also provide final proofing for all the required crowdfunding documents before loading them on the Crowdfund Portal for launch.

With our help… of your digital marketing assets (emails, pitch deck, scheduled social posts, collateral material for pitches and meetups, etc…) you will be able to put all your energy into networking, investor prospecting, and investor pitches on launch day! This stage will take about 14-18 hours

Campaign Launch and Active Raise Coaching

Congratulations! Your campaign is now live, and we have some work to do. The first 45 days of your campaign are crucial to its success. In the early stages of your campaign, we will act as your coach and campaign manager, freeing you up to focus on telling the world about your great opportunity and why it is a good investment.

We will work with you and/or your team to manage the marketing timeline, evaluate your investor pitch, and monitor feedback, and more, including exposure of your deal throughout Prime’s investor network.

If you have questions or need assistance with anything during this stage, your campaign manager will be available on call to answer any questions and help solve problems in real-time.  Most campaigns take 30-180 days.

Funding Deal Advocacy and Support

You will have the full support of Prime Crowdfunding and our investor network. We will strongly advocate for your deal within our network and introduce you to investor prospects that are a good match. While there is no guarantee when raising capital, many of these investors have participated in funding our deals totaling over $8M. 

Digital Advocacy;

We will engage our social network  (About 28K) to augment and boost your social media marketing... Prime will also commit to investing a minimum of $1,500 in your campaign to get you started and demonstrate our support.

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Deal Closing and Administration

After a successful raise, it’s time to close your crowdfunding campaign and transfer the proceeds from the escrow account to you. However, there are still a few important items that must be completed to close out your campaign.

We will work with you and your team to make sure all the legal, financial, and other relevant documents are organized, secured and archived. This is important for compliance reasons and will ensure you have access to them in the future to use for a secondary raise or to mitigate any disputes.

We will work with you and your team to ensure that all investor questions are answered, and all the offered perks are fulfilled in a timely manner. This will help cultivate a good relationship with your new investors, making them more likely to participate in future fundraises and advocate for your business in their networks. This stage will take about 6-8 hours

Post Funding Consulting (Optional)

At Prime Crowdfunding we look for partnerships, not projects. We don’t sit on our heels waiting for you to bring us ideas, we are constantly thinking about the next step to get your business where it needs to be and maximize shareholder value.


As your company grows and becomes more successful, Prime can continue being a valuable asset for you and your business. In addition to secondary rounds of funding and sourcing debt funding, our team and network of expert marketers have over 20 years of executive-level experience with branding, social media and targeted digital marketing campaigns for product launches and events.


For details on our post-funding marketing services send us an email at

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Campaign Management, Coaching, and Fundraise Cost Estimate

The cost of launching a Regulation Crowdfunding campaign with us varies slightly depending on the structure, but generally speaking, it costs approximately 8%-10% of the total raise. This covers the campaign planning, marketing strategy, financial review, documentation and active campaign coaching required to launch a successful standard Regulation CF campaign.

Fundraisers pay a one-time campaign mgmt/coaching fee of $6,000 (includes portal fees and 60 hours of professional coaching)  and a total success fee of 6% (including all portal fee's) of the total amount raised. That’s it, no hidden on-going costs.


Included in the Management/Coaching fee: Prime Crowdfunding will create a one-minute campaign promotion video suitable for distribution on social media and on the campaign landing page. We will also invest a minimum of $1,500 (up to 1% of your fundraise) We believe this makes equity crowdfunding with Prime on the Silicon Prairie Exchange, the most comprehensive, and one of most competitive funding platforms available today!

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Does not include legal advice... see below

Note: Depending on the type of crowdfunding offering that is best suited for your situation (Reg D, Reg CF or Reg A).


The above fees do not include outside legal fees for document preparation and review. We can recommend a trusted and experienced attorney for document preparation and SEC filing if needed. 


* In the example fundraise shown above, the 6% charged is a total of a 2% success fee paid to Prime Crowdfunding for campaign management, coaching and consulting services plus a 4% commission charged by the portal provider (in this case Silicon Prairie Portal and Exchange) as a fee for service. This total percentage may fluctuate between 6-7% based on the campaign type, specific fees associated and portal preference and is subject to applicable law.. 

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Request a Free Consultation or Ask a Question

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Minneapolis Minnesota 55404

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Thank you for your Interest in Prime, We will get back to you shortly!

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