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Your Crowdfund Marketing Partner


We help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by leveraging the power of the crowd to access to capital

Bruce Peterson, Founder, CEO

During your Campaign 

We provide Expert Coaching

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We will work side-by-side with you every step of the campaign planning process to create a detailed funding strategy, and customized campaign marketing plan with a targeted social media strategy and a Killer Pitch!

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We will guide you through each phase of our Campaign Marketing process... from to Pitch Deck Creation and Pitch Coaching to Media and Meetup Strategy, eMail Campaigns, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing. 

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We will review all of your investor communications and crowdfunding  related documents... to ensure they are complete and in compliance with all regulations. We will then create a secure campaign archive.


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Jumpstart Your Idea Today!

Small Businesses,  Startups,  Inventors,  Non-Profits,  Charities, and Causes

There are nearly 6 million businesses in the US, yet the majority of these companies have a difficult time accessing capital,

whether through public markets, venture capital or private equity investors. From the investor's perspective, the average individual has very limited opportunities to invest in those businesses because most opportunities to invest in private business and startups are often limited by design, to wealthy accredited investors.

With the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, there was now a new path to create more opportunity for both entrepreneurs

and investors. For the first time, anyone, regardless of wealth, anyone could invest in private businesses and buy shares

of stock, revenue share, and more. Entrepreneurs no longer needed venture capitalists to bring their ideas to life;

they just needed other like-minded risk-takers and visionaries willing to take a chance on something novel.

Prime Crowdfunding has you covered... from start to funded!

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We created a proven step-by-step equity crowdfunding process that helps entrepreneurs and companies raise up to millions of dollars from thousands of people, and those people, in turn, could buy and sell those shares long after the initial raise. 


When you partner with Prime, we will help you craft your story, plan your funding strategy, launch and market your crowdfunding campaign and coach you through the entire process. 


If you are interested in raising capital for your business or idea, call us at  (612) 669-2964

or email to to schedule a free one-hour consultation!

Founder, CEO

Bruce Peterson


Request a Free Consultation or Ask a Question

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2417 Columbus Court

Minneapolis Minnesota 55404

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Thank you for your Interest in Prime, We will get back to you shortly!

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